Treatment FAQs

Q. Is Low Level laser Treatment Safe?

A. Its a treatment that has taken 40 years to research and up to date have not heard any adverse report from clinical to people using it.

Q. Is it not painful to get the LLLT treatment?

A.LLLT is cold Laser you might not even feel the radiation when administered.

Q. How many session are required to effectively see the results

A.Depends on the body response of individuals but weekly sessions for 6 months      will produce verifiable progress.

Q. What is Feso?

A.  Feso is a hair renewal product that stimulates dead hair follicles back to life, and helps to restore scalp tissues damaged by chemicals and traction alopecia.  Feso reverses balding and receding hair line, and also moisturizes the scalp and stops dandruff.

Q. How long do I see results?

A.It all depends on how fast ones hair grows. We recommend One take a picture before using Feso and another 3-4 weeks

Q. Is Feso natural and can it be used on natural hair?

A.Feso contains natural ingredients and can be used on all hair types