Welcome to FESO Hair Clinic.

We believe that you should be your best possible self and we have spent years researching how to make sure your hair is growing and thriving. We know that your hair is your confidence, and we also know that hair loss is common, but believe that its something that you don’t have to deal with alone.

FESO Hair clinic was founded by Dr. Kuda Mupawose, a  Zimbabwean born cosmetologist and trichologist with over 21 years of experience in the hair industry. Kuda has been passionate about finding solutions to hair loss caused by years of chemical damage in black woman, and in her investigations discovered the FESO plant- /ruredzo/soso/inkunzani – is a plant found in many regions in Southern Africa that has been used for hundreds of years for skin and hair care in the region. It is a hair renewal product that stimulates dead hair follicles and helps to restore scalp tissues damaged by chemicals and physical damage like traction alopecia. Feso is able to reverse balding and receding hairline, it’s also very effective in moisturizing the scalp and reducing dandruff.

Dr. Kuda Mupawose

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