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Our hair is an integral part of the way we feel about our appearance, and when we lose our hair it can be devastating. For many men and women are the mercy of this cruel and seemingly unnecessary condition, which causes a great deal of mental anguish, worry and stress. Considering how widespread hair loss and the issues relating to the psychological impact it can have on its sufferers, it is still a surprisingly taboo topic to talk about it. This means that for a vast majority of men and women, going bald is something that is suffered in silence. A lot of money has been used and in some areas abused to try and cover this disability but it is a real disability. It does deserve serious attention to help curb it. Hair loss often strikes many people as it begins to thin in mid to late life. Some people have the notion that males are the only ones who experience hair loss, but there are females who are prone to thinning hair that can lead to bald spots.There are many factors that contribute to hairloss, and there is something you can do if it is addressed earlier.

Feso hair regeneration clinic clinic has for the past 8 years been helping patients with hairloss. Dr Leticia Kuda Mupawose is a Trichologist with the pharmacology and toxins background, formulated the winning formula to curb hairloss. Using African herbs that have been used time in memorial she did value addition to these herbs to come up with feso products range.

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