My testimony

My testimony

My hair was damaged by dreadlocks the hairstylist did not advice when she saw my hair receding due to consistent plaiting

I then got rid of dreadlocks and started an expensive treatment at AHS(Advanced Hair Studio) Which consist of shampoo., serum, minoxidil, mortician oil, pills & 2 to 3 days of laser weekly for a period of 4 to 6 months depending on the fee paid

The aim was to fix my receding hairline as well as the arena in the middle of my head I used all products religiously & washed my hair four times a week

The unfortunate part my hair grew everywhere except where the problem was I continued using the products until I decided to look for another solution

I continued to take care of my natural hair and then went to see a dermatologist She did tests and the diagnose was a Lichen Planopilaris, a disease that destroys hair follicle and replaces with scarring It doesn’t not only affect the scalp

I started the treatment and I no longer have the Lichen and continued with the treatment for almost two years I took pills first for three months and then started with The a shampoo n moisturizers and laser

On the 8th of Jan 2019 I started a new treatment with Feso clinic I gave this treatment 6 months of trial and it made wonders for my hair

The scarring started to grow, the receding hairline started coming back, the color of the hair got black without putting a dye, my hair got stronger and moisturized

I am on 5th months with the same treatment and I am happy with it because I am seeing the results

By the end of December my hair would have been repaired fully, strong rich and black

Thank you Feso for saving me from being scarred

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