If you have never had a conversation with your girlfriends about receding hair lines are you really even a woman? If you haven’t had a talk with your boys about balding or the fear thereof, are you even a real man? For centuries women have been conversating about what kind of hairstyles damaged their hairline and there are a variety of concoctions that they share on how to save it as well. But that’s a conversation we will have fun with on another day. Men too have been wondering at what age they will start balding, praying it doesn’t start happening in their 20s. Then there is the mystery of what one may loosely term ‘unprovoked hair loss’ where without having done anything that may cause it, your hair just starts to disappear … hair genetics. Whatever the cause may be, hair loss is a real stressor. Oh, be careful with that one, stress is also a major contributor to hair loss. Can’t catch a break, can we?

So, while the hair industry has brought up a number of solutions to this problem the point of contention has been whether these products do more harm than good. Short-term fixes versus long term solutions. High maintenance solutions compared to easy use products. There is plenty to choose from. Let’s be honest, there are some questionable products out there. However, the interesting bit is that, for the love of healthy and safer products, the conversation around hair care has taken a shift, and one that we are particularly excited about. Three words, organic hair products.

There is a lot of talk around town regarding essential oils, tea tree extracts, you name it. There is a range of natural products on the market that one could choose from. Feso Africa is a proud contributor to this bit of the market by offering hair care products that are natural, tried and tested over time, safe, and actually get the job done. Made with the wild feso plant that grows indigenously and is harvested by women in the rural areas of Zimbabwe, this range of products is making its mark in the hair industry. The feso plant is what our great-great grandmas used for bathing and washing their hair and skin back in the day before fancy soaps and even shampoo were a thing, and has been passed on from generation to generation. Even when bottled shampoos and conditioners came on the scene, the older generations living in the rurals would still swear by the feso plant and its rejuvenating properties. This is one product we can confidently say has been tried and tested.

The plant has properties that give life to dead hair follicles, revitalises and allows for hair regrowth. It allows for volume in hair that is thinning out, keeps the hair and scalp moisturised so you can kiss dandruff issues goodbye.

If you are battling an immune disease such as alopecia, the last thing you want is to be using a hair regrowth product that will only compromise your health even more. A lot of people are out there trying to find a product that will not only revive what they have lost, but something sustainable, that has no long-term side effects as well. So, go organic, better yet, go Feso.

The great thing about natural products such as the Feso range is that you can use them without worry for child hair care as well. A lot of moms worry what to use for their children’s delicate hair and scalp treatments, the hope is to find something that is not toxic, is gentle and yet effective.

So, if you have been wondering what organic product to try out in dealing with that thinning hair, that balding patch, hair breakage, dry scalp, dandruff dilemmas, give the Feso product range a try. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. I mean, wouldn’t you want to be the one with a solid solution the next time you and you friends are having the hair talk? They will love you for it!

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