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Feso is a hair renewal product that stimulates dead hair follicles back to life and helps restore scalp tissues damaged by chemicals and traction alopecia. Feso reverses balding and receding hairline, moisturises the scalp, and stops dandruff. It is excellent for skin and hair. When used on hair, Feso loosens curls which are easier to manage. The loosening lasts for a week, a testament to the excellent conditioning effect on hair.
As a result of the chemical processing of the hair, most African women have experienced hair loss which seems irreversible; as a Trichologist, cosmetologist, Founder and owner of a thriving chain of hair and beauty salons, Dr Kuda Mupawose decided to find a homegrown solution to the problem.
Feso is the result of going back to our African indigenous knowledge systems to solve a problem. Using her 21 years of experience in the hair industry combined with many months of research and development and essential oils, Dr Mupawose finally had a breakthrough hair product, Feso. As a hair regenerating and growth product Feso has so far had excellent results, which have been shocking even to me on how it is restoring hair.